Sunday, September 30, 2012


Los Pantalones as seen on the cliff. Southeastern
Colorado. Photo: Peter Faris, 1998.

Every once in a while we run across an image in rock art that we just cannot imagine an explanation for. In my case one of these images is a panel in southeastern Colorado that was dubbed by Bill McGlone as Los Pantalones. This appears to be three figures, approximately life sized, wearing the pantaloons of a Dutch burger, and the figure on the left even appears to be smoking the long-stemmed clay pipe of the 1600s and 1700s. The right hand figure is considerably fainter than his two companions - see the close-up below.

Los Pantalones, contrast enhanced. Southeastern
Colorado. Photo: Peter Faris, 1998.

The three figures are faded/repatinated to the point of being somewhat difficult to make out suggesting some age, indeed, in my illustration I have had to push the contrast considerably to make the images stand out.

This is another example of rock art in which I just cannot conceive of an explanation. I leave it to all of you historians out there. What’s up with Los Pantalones?

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