Sunday, March 18, 2012


Cowboy “venus” petroglyph in Sego Canyon
Photo from Charles Swenson, Austin, TX.

This is another example of cowboy rock art that was sent to me by Charles Swenson of Austin, Texas. This is located in Sego Canyon, Utah, which is north of the small town of Thompson in the bookcliffs of Grand County. The rock art site in Sego Canyon itself has panels that span the centuries from Barrier Canyon painted figures, through Fremont petroglyphs and Ute painted panels, to historic including the cowboy figure shown here. That means that this particular site was in use for well over two millennia and what art museum can begin to say as much?
Additionally, this site has benefitted from a large restoration project which has brought out considerably more Barrier Canyon rock art than was visible when I first visited it thirty years ago.


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