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Shrieker petroglyphs, La Cieneguilla,
southwest of airport, Santa Fe, NM.
Photograph by Patricia Price, Dec. 1991.

The series of Tremors movies was memorable for a number of reasons; fun and frightening, with parodies of so many types of people that we all know. I was, however, quite surprised to find that the creatures upon which the movie were based are apparently real - very rare, but real. I am referring, of course, to the Graboids, the ravening, monstrous, carnivorous worms, and their other incarnations, the Shriekers, and the Ass Blasters.

Shrieker petroglyphs close-up,
La Cieneguilla, southwest of
airport, Santa Fe, NM. Photograph
by Patricia Price, Dec. 1991.

Now I am not suggesting that I know where we can run off to and observe the real thing. There is, however, a petroglyph panel at La Cieneguilla, south of Santa Fe, New Mexico, that convincingly portrays Shriekers. The movie Tremors, was supposedly filmed in California, and was fictional from beginning to end. These petroglyphs add an interesting possibility. Conspiracy theorists should be able to see how the selling of this movie as fiction is a very clever government plot to convince people that the real creatures actually DO NOT exist.  The Ancestral Puebloan people of New Mexico obviously knew of them, and knew them well enough to leave pictures on the rocks. These images can be seen at the La Cineguilla, southwest of  the airport at Santa Fe, New Mexico. Not only are two shriekers portrayed, but there is a shrieker egg shown between them, and a highly stylized and simplified graboid below their feet. This stylized and simplified graboid is placed at the bottom of the picture to represent its location underground. 

Drawing of a Shrieker by
public domain.

This brings up the obvious question then; is it possible that we can hope someday to find more evidence of the Graboids and Ass-Blasters as well? Well, quite possibly on another April Fool's Day. 

Shrieker, www.stampede-
Public domain.

NOTE: The drawing and photograph of the Shriekers were retrieved from the internet with a search for "shrieker public domain." If these images were not intended to be public domain please inform me of the proper credits and I will happily add the information.
Thank you.

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