Saturday, June 7, 2014


Photograph by Paul and Joy Foster,
near Green River, Utah.

In this picture taken by Paul and Joy Foster near Green River, Utah, we see a couple of interesting conundrums. First, in the lower center of the picture we see a seven-toed footprint, or seven-fingered handprint. Then we have the quadruped with its bizarre head; it either sports three horns with two little ears behind them, or one horn with two huge, long ears and two strange little things on the neck behind them.

The foot/hand/paw print, is an example of extreme polydactylism. The only real clue I can see to its identity would be the length of the toes/fingers. If they are short they should be toes, and if they are long they should be fingers. So, to make it more difficult, of course they are in between. The image has the overall shape of a hand with palm and fingers, but as I said if they are fingers they are pretty short. They are a little long for toes and the shape is really too wide for a footprint. As for the animal, what can I say? Are they claws - they are not curved as claws often are? I just present this as one of the weird ones. What's your guess?

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