Saturday, August 18, 2012


I recently received this picture and comments from Richard Coleman concerning New Mexico rock art in the Galisteo Basin south of Santa Fe. 

Hispanic rock art image. Galisteo Basin, New Mexico.
Photo: Richard Coleman, August, 2012.

"During some additional explorations in the Galisteo Basin, near Santa Fe, NM; I came across of basalt "dike" on top of range of hills. The face is native american. The initials are dated 1901. The graphic in the middle: rancher brand, religious symbol, or ???
Richard Coleman."

The question involves the symbol in the center of the photograph. After looking at it for a while I felt I could hazard a guess as to what it represents. The Hispanic culture of that area has historically been very devout Catholic and we know that processions are a major factor in the public face of that belief. I believe that the symbol in question represents a carreta (cart or wagon) with a crucifix on it for just such a public procession. There may be some other good guesses out there, maybe you have seen it before? Let me know and send your pictures.

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