Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Swelter Shelter, Dinosaur National Monument, Utah.

Some rock art contains evidence of alien visitors from outer space and UFOs? I first received this gem first hand when viewing some Fremont figures in Swelter Shelter, Dinosaur National Monument, Utah. Another party pointed to the figure illustrated above as proof of visitation by alien space travelers. This one takes a true believer to accept. If you actually believe that alien beings from outer space visit our planet in their advanced flying craft, well then I guess that this one might even make sense. The figure in this picture was pointed out as an alien visitor wearing his space suit.

Another version of this myth is that geoglyphs like the Nazca Figures in Peru must have been done so they could be viewed by people flying over in UFOs because they cannot all be completely seen at ground level.

For quite some time the leading figure in this movement has been Eric Von Daniken. He has claimed that he began studying the subject of evidence of ancient visitors from outer space in rock art as an attempt to disprove it, but that the evidence converted him to a believer. He has certainly done very well for himself as a convert.

My problem with this, aside from the problem caused by the fact that I do not believe in the reality of alien visitors at all, is the discrepancy of technologies. We are asked to believe that some alien technology exists that can bring visitors untold light years to check up on this backwater planet, and that the only way it is recorded is with rocks? Where are the talking, solid, 3-D holograms, powered by naquita generators, that they can use to explain the truth of the universe to us? Believe it or not I am a lifelong science fiction fan. I just do not want it mixed in with a field in which I am interested in searching for truths.

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